Ariens-ZOOM 1634

by Arvind

I have a ZOOM 1634 lawn mower. It comes with a 16.5 horsepower engine. It has a approximately 34 inch cutting width that is highly sufficient. The cutting can be performed in both the directions that is both in forward as well as backward directions. It has a mid-back seat that is very comfortable.

After mowing just once with this lawn mower you will realize that why almost every owner of a property rates this mower among the best. Its very easy to operate and and it has a very close and accurate trim ability. It has a 3.25 gallon capacity and the view from the cockpit is very comfortable. It can trim with a forward speed of approximately six miles per hour while a reverse speed of three miles per hour.

It also provides you with armrests that you can attach with the lawn mower according to your wish. Once you purchase this some additional accessories that you will get include the seat arm resting kit, light duty kit, bagger collection system and also the wheel covers. One of the greatest advantages of it is the two year warranty with which it comes that really makes you feel very safe about the performance of the lawn mower as the company is showing so much trust on the product.

It really makes the lawn mowing experience a lot of enjoyment and makes your lawn look really beautiful. I would advice everyone to give this product a try. Keep up the good work Ariens.

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