Craftsman 22"deck model 37645

by Jon
(Florissant, Colorado)

I have owned the same Craftsman 22"deck model 37645 self-propelled lawn mower for quite a while and have had very few problems with this unit. I keep it maintained well and shy of sharpening the blade periodically, this mower has performed flawlessly. The footprint of this unit stores well and as well as the grass bagger is exceptional.

The Briggs and Stratton engine starts every time flawlessly with out priming or choking, and with the electronic ignition of todays mowers, makes it even easier to start.

The power is fantastic, never boggs down in thick grass, very economical and for the most part, maintenence free, with exception of normal oil changes and blade sharpening.
The deck has multiple height settings for every application.

I would recommend this and all other future products from Craftsman very high. On a scale of one to ten, I would give my product an 8.

With new products always available in the industry, I would never sell or for that matter loan my mower to anyone who would not take care of it as the cost of a new product would impede anyones finances. New products are on the market each and every day and once you find one that wears well and fits the need, nobody wants to part with a unit that will exceed the life expentancy which this one has.

I am truly grateful to own such a unit with longevity and is so trouble-free.

I have owned other units during the past years, but none has exceeded the expectations of this one.

To all who are looking for a great reliable unit and virtually maintenence free, I would recommend Craftsman anyday.

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