Craftsman 24 hp Tractor Model # 28626

Craftsman 24 hp 42 in. deck Yard Tractor Model # 28626 I purchased the 24 hp, 42in Craftsman riding tractor about 2 years ago and have been very satisfied.

The first thing I did was swap out for the mulching blade kit. Since then, the cut has been very even and I have had no scalping issues.

A few comments, the transmission is a little noisy, especially in reverse. But being able to mow in reverse by just turning the key to a specific position is a great feature!

I've just about worn out 2 of the anti-scalp wheels on the deck. That is surprising for only 2 years use. Before buying I tried the manual transmission version and also this version (with foot pedals).

The pedals make driving this machine VERY easy! Just like driving a car.

So far the Briggs engine has given me no troubles, although the foam pre-filter needs frequent cleaning. It clogs quickly with clippings.

The headlights are plenty bright and the seat slide adjusts to fit my size as well as my smaller wife.

I'm looking forward to purchasing a canopy to fit into the existing mounts on the mower. That will be nice on those hot days you just gotta get the lawn mown. Overall, extremely satisfied!

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