Craftsman Lawnmower

by Rachael
(Brighton, CO USA)

My husband and I purchased a Craftsman push lawnmower from K-Mart in June of 2007 when we moved into our new home. It is a push mower with a mulching and bagging option, as well as a quick stop.

It has an adjustable blade which can be lowered as far down as 1" and can go up as high as 3". It is easy to use and to guide through our lawn, which is not too large.

It is not self-propelled, so if our yard were much bigger, it might not be a good fit. Our yard is also very level, so not having a self-propel option on the mower is not too big of a deal, though my husband will complain about pushing it every time he mows!

The blade is sharp enough and powerful enough to cut the grass without burning it or hacking it into oblivion, though it does require somewhat frequent sharpening.

The handle detaches easily for storage for the winter, or for storing in small sheds or cramped garages, and it starts with generally one pull. So far it has done everything we need it to do, and we haven't had any problems with it.

I would recommend this lawnmower to anybody with a small to medium sized yard with little or no inclines or ditches. The pricetag was right at around $250, and it has been as reliable as any of the higher-end name brand lawnmowers on the market.

So far our Crafstman lawnmower hasn't let us down, and we plan on getting use out of it for many summers to come, especially for the small pricetag that came with it, and the Crafstman guarantee. We are very happy with our mower, and I would recommend it.

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