Cub Cadet 2160 Riding Lawnmower

by Stephen Jones
(Dayton, Ohio, USA)

I've owned my Cub Cadet for several years now and I have to admit that I love it. My wife and I have a pretty large yard and now that the kids have moved away and aren't available to help with the mowing, riding my Cub Cadet comes as a great alternative.

It's so easy to use my wife has even used it for mowing from time to time when I go on fishing trips.

This particular lawnmower is easy to start, easy to maneuver with its power steering (especially between our woodpile and garden areas), and easy to maintain save for the typical blade sharpening.

Unfortunately this model of Cub Cadet didn’t come with a lawn clipping bagger or mulching system as it only offered the standard side discharge.

There also isn’t a rear hitch option for attachments such as gardening wagons, however this mower does have headlights which makes it convenient for when the chore of mowing carries on into the summer evenings.

In the past I've owned Toro and Troy Bilt mowers of varying kinds (push, self-propelled, and the riding variety) without any particular allegiance to a major name brand.

I only purchased the Cub Cadet in 1996 as an alternative mower when the Troy Bilt I wished to purchase from the store wasn't available.

I was pleased with the price and store discount I was given for my inconvenience, but my greatest surprise came 12 summers later as my Cub Cadet is still going strong even after winter storage.

If you’re in the market for a dependable machine, I highly recommend Cub Cadet mowers.

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