Gardena: Cordless Hand Reel Mower

I have owned my Gardena: Cordless Hand Reel Mower now for three full summer seasons. Before purchasing my push lawn mower, I knew the benefits I would feel from using this instrument to cut my grass as opposed to my gas-guzzler mower.

However, I had the impression that it would be twice as much work for me since my lawn is bigger than the regular sized lawns in my neighborhood. But, when I tried it out the first time I was surprised at how quick I was able to cut my grass and how efficient it was! My gas lawn mower actually weighed more and required me to push harder up my sloped lawn.

The Gardena: Cordless Hand Reel Mower is made from steel and aluminum construction. It has a maintenance free ball bearing hardened blade and has non-friction silent cylinder with holding handle. It is light-weight with a very sharp blade that will cut anyone’s lawn perfectly and with ease. Now, not only do I feel like I’m doing my part for saving the environment, I also have an easier, more enjoyable time mowing my lawn!

After three seasons of cutting my lawn about once a week, I haven’t had any complaints so far. The blade has kept sharp which saves me on the hassles of sharpening the blade. I also thought that owning a push lawn mower with no bag for grass cuttings would be even more work for me if I had to rake the cut grass. As it turns out, the cut grass is even spread out on the lawn that it doesn’t even seem as though there are grass cuttings. It’s fantastic!

To anyone that is hesitant on purchasing a push lawn mower, I highly recommend the investment. There are many varieties that you can purchase but if you’re stuck I do recommend the Gardena: Cordless Hand Reel Mower! Happy cutting!

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Aug 29, 2010
doesn't work on bumpy lawn
by: Anonymous

I bought a Gardena 380C reel lawnmower and find it impossible to use on my bumpy lawn. I have to sell it.

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