Honda HRR Series Model HRR216K5VXA

by John Paul Van Hegans
(Kearny, NJ)

I have a small back and front yard. Occasionally I fall a little behind on yard work, which leaves longer grass and more mulch. I also have trees that rain all types of debris on my lawn so, I opted for this model. It's fantastic as far as mowers go.

It makes short work of the mulch cuttings and bags them up effortlessly. This machine cuts closer and better than anything else I've used. The convenience and ease of use was also a reason for opting for this particular line. No mixing of oil is a plus. I didn't buy a mower to complete the oil refining process. I’m the type of person who just wants all things to work without ever having to fuss with them. The 4-stroke engine runs on gas alone.

I'm not sure just how unique that feature is, but I knew that about this mower when I was in the market. I also notice that I don't use much gas with the Honda as I did with my old mower. The efficiency and quiet idle of the engine reminds me of why I loved my old car, which was a Honda. The body was rusting away after 200,000 miles but that motor never lost any fight. While the motors are the centerpieces of Honda machinery, the design is nice too.

It has adjustable comfort control, smooth variable speed and nine inch ball bearing wheels. The large ball-bearing wheels make for easier mobility. Over all, it's worth the bucks, and I doubt I'll be needing a new mower for years to come.

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