Murray 48" Deck Riding Mower

by bryan

I had my Murray 48" deck riding lawn mower for several years. I have to say, it was one of the best riding lawnmowers I have ever owned before it finally gave out.

Its cut was very consistent, even on uneven terrain. For many riding lawnmowers, parts can be a veritable nightmare to find reasonably priced. This is not the case with the Murray company.

Parts are very easy to locate at Wal-Mart for example, and are priced well under the competition the majority of the time.

I could not imagine owning a John Deere as I am quite certain that I could not afford the parts, as they are priced incredibly ridiculous! Mechanically, my Murray never had any real problems until after years of use, in which case the starter went bad.

But like I said, it held up for years before it showed any signs of wear and tear that negatively affected its performance. And Murray blades are some of the best, most durable around.

I have a bad habit of hitting stumps and large sticks that I should avoid at all costs. And even when I did hit those things, the blades hardly ever bent or dulled.

Maintenance is very easy with a Murray compared to other brands. It seems that you need a doctorate to maintain other brands. With a Murray, you need only to know basic common maintenance concepts. I loved the variable speeds available on a Murray. Some manufacturers seem to think that everyone likes to mow their lawns at a snail's pace, but not Murray!

They give you the speed you need to get the job over and done with and have enough time to hit the links or go fishing!

I loved My first Murray so much that when I finally laid it to rest, I went straight out and bought another!

And it performs as perfectly as my first. For me, its Murray all the way!

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