Scotts 815-18S 18-Inch Deluxe Push Reel Lawn Mower

I am using it from the pat 8 months. It is very easy to push across the lawn, this is the main advantage of this. It might be a bit costly ,but is worth your money. The 18 inch cutting width provides a good product. Only thing with this is that you need to maintain it properly. That is tighten the screws using the wrench provided with the product. Keep it away from children as it may get worn out due to improper usage. Time consumed is very less. It is good for daily usage.Lawn maintenance is very much easy with this.

- Light weight
- Easy to push
- Takes less time

- Cost is a bit high compared to many other mowers
- The handle will be loose if you don't tighten the wig-nuts regularly.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

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Nov 23, 2010
serves it's purpose
by: Anonymous

After paying to have my lawn mowed by a professional service for a couple of years, I finally decided that it wasn't needed. Watching them mow my lawn of about an acre with a huge tractor seemed almost rediculous, and the expense in this day and age was crazy.

I could have paid a couple of hundred dollars for a power mower of my own but the constant upkeep with oil and gas seemed to be more of a hassle than I wanted to deal with. What did I want to get? I wanted to be able to pull out the mower and start then and there, all the while insulating myself from the next inevitable oil company gouge of $4.00 gas.

I looked around at the available options and decided that an electric lawnmower was also not a viable option. Technically you're still burning fossil fuels (coal or natural gas to generate electricity) to power your mower, and then you either have to keep the thing plugged in the entire time, or have to charge it.

Seemed the best option was a reel mower. I set my sights on the 18" which cuts a nice wide path through the lawn (I'd say the Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower would do just as good a job, if not better).

The mower is lightweight, and it is cute. If you have tall weeds in your lawn, you will have a hard time cutting them (you'll have to pull probably) but once they're down the first time, you'll be fine.

Comparatively, I visited my folks and they had equally tall weeds in their yard after mowing with a gas powered mower. The weeds are simply pushed down when you mow and they don't pop back up until you're already past them.

Putting it together was a snap, and you don't need any tools. All that needs assembly is the handle. I did notice that the handle does twist a small bit when pushing it (especially if you're applying more force to one side than the other) but it's sturdy and appears durable.

The blades are sharp and cut through grass very easily. It does, as has been reviewed before, get caught up on branches but this is the only issue I've had. Overall, it's a nice tool. I also recommend using WD40 Co 10152 WD-40 Smart Straw on the blades after you're done, to extend the life of the machine and cut down on rust. I would reccomend this product to anyone.

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