Sears Deck Lawn Tractor Model 27192

by Barbara Kincaid
(Wallback Wv USA)

Sears Model 27192 Lawn tractor with the Briggs & Stratton engine. We purchased this unit in June of 2005. And I have to say it has taken a lickin and keeps on tickin.

Rough terrain in the hills of West Virginia have not killed it yet. And we have a pretty large lawn and mow around the pond that sets on a slope. During the months of June, July and August we have to mow twice a week and the fuel usage is not to bad.

I was very surprised that this mower could go through very high weeds, sticks and rocks and the blade is still holding up to the abuse.

Easy to start every time. Easy to get on and off. That is important for me with arthritis in my hip and Dad’s advanced age. Easy to operate even for my elderly father who just turned 74. He likes the adjustable mower blade.

The one problem we have is the tires. They do deflate a few times during the summer and we have had the service repair man out to replace the a tire twice now. But overall no extra expense since we bought the 3 year service plan.

This unit can be tipped over. My Dad was mowing a place where he should not have been, I warned him about it but he did it anyway so it is his fault not the machines. Well a trip to the hospital and 15 stitches should teach him to listen to his daughter and the operating instruction.

Over all I would recommend this lawn mower

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