Swisher Ride King

by Christopher Nevoraski
(Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA)

My Swisher Ride King is by far the best lawn mower I have ever owned. This is probably due to its extreme wideness! Its blades are 52" which allows me to finish cutting my yard in no time at all! And no matter what length you want your lawn, the Swisher Ride King has you covered!

It has 8 different easily changeable cutting height settings ranging from 1 and 1/2 inches all the way to 5 inches. This lawn mower makes yard work a breeze! It is like being a king at top of the world in your comfortable chair with arm rests and even a cup holder!

The Swisher Ride King also allows for extremely easy maneuverability. It turns on a dime with its 360 degree turning radius. Before buying this mower I thought that this kind of lawn mower agility was only found on commercial mowers!

Buy the Swisher Ride King and you will be the envy of your neighborhood with its power 20 hp engine, which far surpasses the engine size of comparable mowers.

Other great features with this mower include the easy to get used to steering, the Twin Eaton hydrostatic transaxles, a spring assisted deck lift, and also a pivoting front axle which allows you to easily make sure all of your lawn is cut the same length!

There are also some great accessories that you can buy. For instance my Arnold Twin Bag Grass Collector attaches in a jiffy, and my Arnold Sun Canopy keep me from burning on those hot summer days.

I would recommend this lawn mower to anyone, it is the best money can buy!!

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