Toro High Wheel Mower

by Jenny

We are currently using a Toro High Wheel Mower. The local hardware store suggested this one to us because we have a VERY slopped hill at the back of our property that we are unable to cut with the riding mower, and this one has a high blade made for high grass or sloped hills.

It is a great value for the price; I think we paid $350 for it early last spring. We received a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

We did have a part go out early in the summer of this year, and did have a difficult time getting the manufacturer to fix or replace the broken part. We fought with them for months before they agreed to reimburse the local hardware store to fix it for us.

This mower has three settings. You can choose to attach the bag and bag the clippings, have them shoot out of the side, or a “recycling” option that will finely cut the grass clippings before it redistributes them back into the yard.

It is moderately efficient on gas, certainly better than my riding mower but not as good as the push mower that we had before.

I am also not thrilled with the weight of the mower. It is self-propelled, however, I am not a particularly big person and this mower is quite heavy and difficult for me to maneuver on the hill.

I would rate the Toro High Wheel Mower a 3 out of 5 based on the information that I provided above. It is a moderately good mower, at a great value, but has some downfalls.

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May 11, 2009
toro high wheel
by: k robison

Have owned 6.5 hp self prop 25mo & fwd gearbox
already bad replacing one moth after warranty expired.

Apr 08, 2009
"Quick-Wash" port is gimmicky
by: Bengt-Erik Norum

I've owned this mower for just over a year and have had almost universally positive experiences.

This mower has larger rear wheels to accomodate taller grass and more rural terrain; that was my primary reason for purchasing it.

I had no concerns about the brand, given the reputation amongst professional landscapers. The deck felt solid, as did the the mechanics.

The mower was easily assembled and started on the second pull, after priming. The engine was powerful enough to cope with some fairly weedy grass, well over a foot tall. It does bog down occationally, when the bag is detached. The "Quick-Wash" port is gimmicky and not something I've found useful. The bag is quite small for a large lawn or tall grass.

- Known brand
- Solid construction
- High wheel works well
- Solid engine

- Bag size
- Occasionally bogs down

Apr 08, 2009
Great for sloping yards
by: Louis Turner

Toro is the brand used by professional landscapers whose livelihoods depend on durable, trustworthy equipment. My experience with this mower was exactly that. Fast, smooth, easy to use. The final result was a high quality smooth cut without that “tatty” look that previous mowers have made. A professional looking result for a reasonable price- around $300, a lot cheaper than landscapers or gardeners bill over the year!

The new “bag-on-demand” feature was good, saving a lot of time. This new design by Toro matches power with performance, combined with easy to use control. The right tool for homeowners who are fussy about their yard.

Now down to the gritty details. A 22” deck with a 650 series Briggs& Stratton Motor with ReadyStart feature offers an easy time mowing the yard, whilst the Tor GTS 3year Warranty is great value for money considering how much use it would take in that period of time. The model offers variable speed self propel system with front wheel drive which was great for me-I could cut the yard at my own pace! For a cautious gardener the single piece handle makes it a lot easier to take the bag off, which I usually struggle with- not anymore! Now I admit that I may not be the best gardener in the world, but having the right tool for the job makes the chore a lot less hassle. My experience was great, a really well designed mower.

When you cut your yard with a Toro Recycler mower you get the same quality and reliability that professionals have relied on for over 90 years. The engine makes all the difference, the roar gives you piece of mind, yes this is a real mans mower! The results only made me even more pleased with my purchase, a clean, crisp, striped lawn that even my neighbour admitted looked great, the ultimate compliment.

The mower is great for sloping yards such as my own. I used to find it a real problem trying to get a clean cut pushing the mower up the gradient, Toro’s high wheels makes that a walk in the park! Worth every bit of money you pay for it!

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