Yard Machine 21" 675 series

by ken roderick
(loveland, co usa)

I have owned this lawn mower for 9 months now, all in all it is a great machine with which i have had no mechanical problems. my girlfriend has used it as well and says that it is really easy to use considering how small she is.

she also loved how easy it was for her to start it, not only was it on the first try but she didnt have to throw her arm out of its socket pulling on the starter. the height adjustment for all the wheel is easy to use and quick. i love the fact that you can change the type of mowing you want to do easily, the multch feature works great, the bag feature needs a little improvement, the grass tends to collect at the mouth of the bag before filling it up and then boggs down the blades, so a better system for that would be nice, and then the throwing feature is great unless you are in tall grass, when you back up the mower, the plastic throwing bracket gets pulled right off by taller grass, a more secure way to attach that piece would be better.

i purchased this mower from home depot for the price, it wasnt the cheapest nor the most expensive but for the price it beat out the others that were on the floor next to this one. even with those little issues i am very happy with my purchase and would buy another and recommend to others.

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