Black & Decker CMM1200 24V 19" Cordless Mulching Mower

I recently bought an electric mower from Black and Decker. It is a complete piece of junk. It cuts every third blade of grass and does not stay charged up very long.

I can barely get half my yard mowed before it has to be plugged back in to charge for three more hours.

Not to mention that the blades are made very cheaply and I am not confident that I will get much use out of them.

Plus the whole thing acts as if it could fly apart at any second. It is made of cheap plastic, mostly. The bag doesn’t even like to stay on mine, it keeps falling down and dragging as I push this thing along.

I really wish I would have gotten a riding mower instead of this one, but I was on this eco friendly trip and bought a complete waste of money. Now my friends laugh when they come over and see me struggling with this pain. Never do they offer assistance, just jokes.

Anyway stay clear of the Black & Decker CMM1200 24V 19" Cordless Mulching Mower, you will be glad you did. Go buy a rider, or better yet pay the kid down the street 10 bucks a week to do it, because this is a decision that has haunted me for weeks and will continue too all summer.

As my so called friends laugh at me every time I go out to try and mow my yard with this dainty little mower.

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Jun 17, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have been using this mower for four years and wouldn't go back to gas.

Nov 20, 2012
black n decker buyer
by: richard

i will buy yuor mower if your not happy with it

Feb 21, 2011
I love this mower after 4 years!!
by: Brad

I love this mower!! I have thick KY Bluegrass and have used mine for four seasons already and I still works like it is broaden new!!! Best purchase I have ever made!! It makes my neighbors' mowers appear very noisy and polluting in comparison. NO maintenance!!!

May 18, 2009
Don't have to fool with gasoline
by: MG

Features include a rechargeable 24 V battery is ideal for up to 1/3 acre lot, 24 Volt high-powered DC motor, Hassle-free stat system (no gas or oil), 3-in-1: mulching, rear and side discharge (rear grass catcher), optional chute, 19" cutting deck with lifetime warranty, 3 position fold-over handle, 1 touch 7 position mowing height, 2 year warranty, and over night charger included.

I have owned and operated this mower for approximately 3 years now. I have never had any issues with the mower at all. In the past I have always used power lawn mowers, I even once worked for a lawn maintenance crew for a summer, all of these were gasoline mowers. So you might say I would lean towards purchasing a gas mower, certainly a cordless electric mower would not be able to do a proper job. You are probably asking what would cause me to purchase an electric mower.

Well it started when I moved to my current residence. I worked out a deal with the land lord to shave some money off the rent during mowing season, so I needed to get a lawn mower. One summer day I was outside and saw my neighbor mowing his lawn. I was surprised at how little noise the mower made, so much so that I went directly over and asked about it. He had this exact Black and Decker mower. He stated that he loved the mower and never had any issues. My thought was this could be good, I don't have to fool with gasoline sitting in the shed, no smell, no hassle. That alone made it worthwhile to give it a try.

I proceeded out to the local Home depot and bought the mower. I could not wait to give it a spin but like all electric devices they need to be fully changed before using. So I plugged it up and let it charge overnight. The next day I mowed our quarter acre lot with no issues what so ever. Three and a half years later the mower is going strong with no maintenance at all.

I would highly recommend this mower to anyone.

Note: Types 1 - 4 versions of this mower have been recalled to fix an electrical component that could over heat and cause a fire. If your mower is included, call 1-866-229-5570 to arrange for a free repair.

The mower that I have reviewed above is a type 5 and was not part of the recall.

May 22, 2019
Back when 24v was enough
by: Chas

Bought my first cordless tool back around 2008 (cmm1200).
Today I noticed the battery isn't lasting as long as it used to.
Otherwise, this lawnmower had been an excellent purchase.

The problem with cordless is it isn't worthwhile replacing the battery (kind of defeats the purpose of buying).

However, I will buy a cordless replacement when the battery dies but it will be higher than 48v ... and battery replacement will be economical.

Jun 03, 2016
Beats a 4-stroke machine!!!
by: NoYouDontNeedMyName

As a kid, I used several different 2 cycle machines (1 was a Toro) that my dad bought, as well as the neighbor's Lawn-Boy; mixing & storing oil&gas was always a pain;

Fast-Forward 15 years, and I moved from apartment to my own home w/yard. I received a hand-me-down early model Snapper 4-stroke from the 80's, with the Hi-Vac blade. It used a belt to drive blade, and self-propel, which was good, cause it weighs a LOT! Even though the Z-fold is the best bag I ever emptied (great for picking and shredding leaves in fall), changing the oil was always a royal pain and messy, and talk about noisy, and after a while, my hands started to go numb!! It DID last me another 15 years, but ultimately back-fired, and blew out a seal in the carburetor, so I went looking...

Late Summer 2009, I found the CMM1200 on season closeout for $199.00, so I picked up one for my girlfriend, who had just bought a house. My lot is flat, and I mow about 7000 square feet of it, and if I mow every week, I get it done on 1 charge, even when pretty thick;

My girlfriends lot is about 40% bigger, and has a walkout basement (read as: HILL!), so I think it is over 10,000 square feet, and the hill slows things down, so the batteries often don't last, unless the grass gets a bit thin and dry, like in August...

I DID come across the problem with the 'Dead-Man' switch lever, where the hinge-pin broke off (on BOTH mowers, although I and pretty sure this was out-sourced, and B&D didn't actually design it), and (in my opinion as a mechanical engineer), it was a flaw both in the design of the part, as well as the way the mold was made: The design made it easy to break there, and the mold had a seam which contributed to the stress concentration. Sadly, even if the summer interns designed it, their work should have been reviewed, and it makes me wonder why they hire some of these guys! I wasn't about to spend $40-60 for a new one, so I just took it apart, drilled through the lever, and replaced pin with a wooden dowel; That was 5 years ago!

But the batteries have lasted pretty well, as this is 2016!
I only just now having a problem with one charger that seems to have burned out (although I may have dropped it...), unless it burned out because the battery is now failed. Mainly they have been stored in cold garage which DOES get below freezing, but with charger plugged in....The jury is still out on the second one, but with all the complaints about the batteries, I felt I had to say mine have done pretty well!

Sep 07, 2010
Honest Balanced Review
by: Anonymous

If you objective is to save the planet and avoid a gas mower, that is great do not read further. The principal advantage of a cordless mower is it is quiet. Light weight is a a subjective term. This mower is not heavy for a push mower and if you are older, have hills and a large amount of grass over 5,000 sq. ft. you probably will not be happy.

Cordless mowers have battery's that have a given life and in broad terms around 3-4 years. The batteries do not react well to extreme temperatures below 32 F or above 95 F for long periods of time. In cold storage the charger needs to be plugged in.

Replacement battery ranges from $80 to $120 so if you believe you will be saving money over a gas mower (oil, spark plug, filter) sorry not.

The mower works great on dry grass, the blade easy to replace and sharpen and as noted above quiet. Wet grass or a lawn that has been neglected and allowed to become overgrown and that is your habit, avoid a cordless mower.

The CMM1200 has had a problem with its start/safety lever (breaking) but B&D has changed that design. Those who cite cheap plastic are wrong, it is durable. Those who cite mower that rust that is almost never a issue with traditional mowers.

The CMM1200 works great best on property without huge inclines and with a sharp blade cuts the grass perfectly. The mower is best for mulching with a small bag. B&D is a reasonable company, been the business a long time and will be around, others is a question mark.

The quiet and almost no vibration are a real plus, the life cycle cost of battery replace is something that needs to be understood up front. If you don't mind dealing with a cord (not a huge problem) that should be a strong consideration if your objective is to eliminate buying likely 10 gallons of gas over a 6 year period and that is the reality.

Jun 06, 2009
My Service Experiences
by: Mr. B-C

I bought a CMM1000 mower in 2002. It worked great through the mowing season. Then when I began using in in the Spring of 2003 the batteries were good for only about 20 min. before needing to be recharged. The batteries were "charging" in 6 hours not the previous 16 or so hours. Took it to the nearest B&D authorized servicer. The batteries were replace under warranty, but it took a couple weeks for the batteries to arrive. A minor recall service was also performed.

All was well until this (2009) spring. The initial cutting went well. With my second use of the season the batteries were drained in about five minutes although they would "fully" recharge in about 3 hours. Since when I bought the mower B&D suggested the batteries would last 5 to 7 years, I figured it was time. Calling my local servicer, he said he had the batteries in stock and he could have the mower back to me in two days. When I called two days later, I got the bad news: There was a recall on the mower and he was waiting for the upgrade kit (to CMM1200) to arrive. He expected it the following week. I called more than a week later, still no kits. More than 3 weeks after I took it in he called to say it was ready.

I took it home and made an initial pass of the now quite high lawn. The mower charged overnight. Next day I made the second pass. The mower was charging when I went to bed. The next day neither the red (charging) or green (charged) light was on. Called my servicer. We decided it was the charger. Apparently I am not the first with charger problems. He had no chargers but was expecting more later in the week. Called today to see if had received the chargers. NO. Now apparently B&D is talking about another 1.5 weeks. He gave me some phone numbers I might try. Neither were available on Saturday.

Something to keep in mind if you are thinking of buying a Black & Decker CMM mower.

Nov 12, 2009
Very disappointed
by: Anonymous

I was very disappointed with the 24V CORDLESS MULCHING MOWER from B & D after reading several glowing reviews. The first time I used it, it seemed perfect(a bit weak in long grass). By the third week (I mow once a week) I had to recharge it after 10-15 min. Took me 3 days to mow my 0.4 acre lot(area includes building). Returned it for a refund

Otherwise it is "pretty", quiet and cut/mulched well when it worked.

Jul 05, 2014
I thought it would last more than 2 years....
by: Anonymous

I've had this mower for 2 years, and have probably mowed my very small lawn about 15 times. I live in a northern state, and have carefully removed the battery every winter to keep it in the house so it doesn't freeze. This year started OK, but it now will only hold a charge for about 5 minutes before it needs to be recharged. To replace the battery will cost $145 (not counting shipping), while the mower itself cost $280. I didn't expect to spend $150 a year on this mower. Back to the lawn service

Oct 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

this charger is a typical china made piece of junk

May 20, 2011
by: robert schmidt

I plugged in the Black and Decker rechargeable lawn mower to charge the battery during the Winter storage peiod. Within less than two hours it started my garage on fire and my home was a total loss. All I did was plug in the mower as I was instructed to do over the Winter to keep the battery charged. The result was that a fire destroyed my home. I brought the mower in for a recall to the factory authorized repair center where they supposedly repaired an electrical recall problem and sold me a new battery. Less than a year later I plug it in as instructed and it burnt my house down. Please contact me if you have info about other fires that this dangerous mower has caused. THANK YOU

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