Craftsman GT 5000 Garden Tractor

I do a lot of lawn work in the summer, for the elderly people in my neighborhood and around the city so I needed something to hold up, I as well do a lot of work for the bigger companies around here who don’t want to spend a fortune so I needed something that was versatile.

I finally decided on a Craftsman Tractor I can mow more then an acre without ever having a problem. It takes out the taller grass without problems. Though it was expensive one of the best buys I could have made.

With a 6 speed transmission, V-twin engine very cool run have not had problems with over heating as I did with past tractors very sturdy tires, very solid build overall, nice appearance, and very smooth ride, very comfortable. Its power is amazing, its easy to maintain its cleanliness and I can find the blades at my local stores. The cut of the grass is great, can make sharp turns easily and very tight turns quickly.

The downside that I’ve noticed is, the clutch shifts very hard, and sometimes shifting to 4th gear gives me problems, another thing the reverse pedal seems like I have to press harder to go in reverse, it also goes through gas very quickly so though its few problems the good outweighs the bad for that id give the rating a 4½ It gets the job done and I’m satisfied and it makes helping others easier when they are happy too.

On another note I stay in the north so it snows about 8 months out of the year, literally, this machine can be used to blow snow with the right attachment and it as well does a great job at that as well. I’ve had it for a little over 8 months now and don’t regret it at all.

- solid build
- very comfortable

- expensive
- clutch shifts hard

4 out of 5

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Mar 18, 2014
A BIG PC. OF ........
by: unhappy papy


Jul 28, 2012
white smoke
by: Anonymous

My gt5000 tractor has alot of white smoke coming from the engine, it's not like the smell of oil burning its just very white with not much smell. Any comments that might give me a clue?

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