John Deere L120 Lawn Tractor

I purchased my John Deere L120 Lawn Tractor five years ago and it has been a spectacular machine for me. Before buying it, I did some research on the web and also checked out what my neighbors were using to mow their yards. I live in a neighborhood where most of the houses have two to 10 acres to mow. With the exception of one household, everyone was mowing with John Deere tractors. I thought that was the best recommendation of all.

There is a John Deere dealer about 20 minutes from my home, so armed with my research from the web, I went to look at the models I had in mind. I chose the L120 because it was the right size for me and felt comfortable to sit in - it wasn't too large so I could mow the small front yard as well as the half-acre lawn in back with this 48-inch deck.

I also bought a John Deere dump cart for the tractor. I have 10 acres and was always pulling tarps full of clippings and brush to the back of the property for composting. I knew a cart would save me time and effort on that chore.

The dealer provided delivery and on the day the tractor arrived, a very knowledgeable serviceman explained to me how to use it. He was patient and kind, going through step by step how to operate all of the features. The tractor came with an operator?s manual, but it was far more helpful to me to have the serviceman explain, demonstrate, and then let me try things myself while he offered further instructions. Obviously, I was a novice lawn tractor mower and needed all the help I could get!

Each year in the fall, the John Deere dealer offers a service plan. The serviceman comes to my house, picks up the lawn tractor, and at the shop they winterize it and do any other maintenance work that is necessary before I store it for the winter. I have never had any problems with this tractor. I've come to rely on it for mowing more and more of my property. I've tripled the amount of grass I originally mowed and now have about three acres in lawn.

My trusty John Deere L120 tractor performs beautifully and still looks new!

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Dec 01, 2014
Hood falls off
by: Anonymous

We purchased an LX173, for a few years fine, now the plastic hood has come loose from the front grill. It is just plastic whatever held it broke right through the plastic. We have seen quite a few people mowing with the hood and front grill off

May 30, 2013
Sorry I purchased this brand
by: Anonymous

First off I grew up on a dairy farm and we always had John Deere tractors. When I moved away and needed a lawn tractor, I purchased a L120 riding lawn tractor thinking the quality would be as good as the tractors I worked on the farm and the fact that my dad would dis-own me if I purchased anything other than a John Deere. What a mistake. The first year I owned it the fuel lines dry rotted and leaked, all four tires dry rotted and leaked. Second year fuel pump line dry rotted and leaked. Since that time I have replaced all of the spindles, 2 of them have been replaced twice. The seat has ripped, the paint is chipping off, the shoot for the bagger has cracked. The bagger shoot has never lined up with the mower deck and constantly gets clogged.

Jun 20, 2012
Not too happy
by: Ben Dover

Regarding my JD L-120 which I have owned 5 years,when it runs it works ok,however I have replaced the mower spindles twice (non greaseable) the plastic hood has developed a crack at the hinge which has spread to the point off having the hood fall off while mowing the lawn.Also when reversing it has no power or speed it can not even back me up a very slight grade.don't even think about backing up my tilt trailer BARELY moves.Now after replacing the battery it will only click when turning key........I really am fed up with this tractor.......expensive to repair.This will be the last John Deere I will own...........

Nov 16, 2010
Great riding lawn mower when its working, but causes big headaches when it's not
by: Anonymous

When we first purchased our John Deer L120 in the summer of 2007, I loved it. Our property is over an acre with a lot of trees, bushes and special landscaping and mowing was enjoyable. Maneuvering around these things was easy and I could get real close to them. The Property is not flat and the mower handled all the hills and bumps with ease. It is easy to operate, easy to handle.

The John Deer offers a very comfortable ride. After each use, I would clean it good and remove all the grass before storing it in my shed. I even purchased the canopy that attaches to it and it serves its purpose very well. However repairs are a real problem. The battery seems to always be dead and we have to “jump” it each time we go to mow our lawn. I have purchased a new battery and still seem to have the same problem. We have to jump start it just to mow the lawn. To have it repaired, we had to locate an authorized dealer who has to come to the house and pick it up on their truck, take it back to their shop, service it and then return it to us. We have been without the mower for weeks at a time while being repaired. Great riding lawn mower when its working, but causes big headaches when its not.

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