Murray, riding mower, with a 38" cut path

I own a Murray, riding mower, with a 38" cut path. I have had this same mower since 1995. This particular model has been very long lasting with very few problems associated with it.

Normal things have needed to be replaced over the years, (ie. blades, belts, fan) all minor things, and maintenance has been kept up, by blowing off the mower when use of it is completed, each and every time. Murray brands, tend to be the better brand for home owners use.

Although I have a large parcel of land (almost an acre), this machine has kept us quite nicely with the demands of weekly use. Living in Florida with all the Hurricane rains, etc. has made the need to utilize this mower on a more regular basis than normal. I have even taken it to my neighbors, and parents house across the street from my house, and ran through their yards with it, when they were not able to mow, and they both have stated they love how the Murray rider makes the lawn look when its been mowed.

The thing I like the most about this mower, is that you can use it on any one of the 5 speeds available, and it will still cut at whatever height you have the blades set at.

The only thing that only works intermittently is the headlights. Of course I typically dont mow the lawn at night, so to me thats not a big issue.

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